Synchronize multiple PC’s

I wanted to share with you a great tool I at last found to synchronize all my PC’s together.


Until now, if I wanted to access a file, or a bunch of files or even a URL from my browser on a different PC to where I had created or downloaded the file to, I had to either:

1) copy the file(s) to my NAS drive, then copy it across to the other PC and then delete the file from the NAS drive (and then possibly delete the file from the original PC).

2)  or copy the file(s) to a shared drive on either the source or target PC and then copy it to where I wanted it on the other PC, then delete it from the share (and then possibly delete the file from the original PC).

In the past, I have found one or two ready made applications or even open source code to create such an app. However getting them to work has been a right pain in the butt because of firewall settings and getting the apps to link up over my network.


This time whilst taking a fresh look for something useful, I cam across a new app called BitTorrent Sync and it does exactly what I want it to AND across multiple systems (and over different device types, eg: Windows, Linux, Android).

I have installed this application on all my PC’s and then connected them all together to share a folder. Now I simply drag a file(s) into the sync folder on any PC and ‘Hey Presto!’ it gets immediately copied to all my other PC’s. Plus if I delete it from one, it gets deleted from all – simple.

This is so good that I have placed my RoboForm data into a shared folder on my two main PC’s and now if I add, change or delete any password info, that change immediately gets ‘mirrored’ on the other PC. I like it, I like it!



  • Paul Wallace

    Reply Reply 28 October 2014

    Hey Tony,

    Wow that’s sounds like a great idea, you have managed to make what I am sure is very complicated sound easy!

    I will be checking in again on your blog, the advise here is greatly received by a newbie to tech like me!!


  • Kim

    Reply Reply 5 August 2015

    This sounds a brilliant idea, I just have all my computers connected to my dropbox account and access from there.

    Thanks for the info

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