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Following work I was doing in a partnership program, I have installed the latest version of OptimizePress on my Blog. I have experience working with the original version of OptimizePress because I have been supporting two of my clients have been using this WordPress theming tool for a couple of years now. This latest version is a BIG upgrade of the tool and I’m really looking forward to using its advanced features.

OptimizePress is the creation of James Dyson, a young fellow guy from here in the UK. Here’s an interesting video about how he got started and progressed to creating this excellent product (and by the way, I am inserting the video simply by using the ‘Add Element’ option from OptimizePress).

When I watched the video above, I also found another great video about James Dyson where he is making his 2nd ever presentation. Gosh listening to him takes me back a few years to the code I was writing for my clients to enable them to have membership sites and with protected and drip-fed content only viewable by the active members. So here’s the difference I guess – James met up with people to JV with who saw a bigger picture and helped him to take some proper action on that. I think I am so focused on developing code and websites, that I just don’t see a bigger picture. Not only that I am always trying to cover so many bases all at once, that none actually get past starting.

As I have learnt (so many times) the way to become wealthy, is to ‘Serve The Many’ and I am too focused on just serving the few; I believe I give great service (my clients tell me so), but it is so time intensive. So boy I found the following video pretty darned interesting…

The video above runs for over an hour and it is power packed with advice for budding entrepreneurs that want to break in to the software market. I found the section about finding a market very interesting, where he goes through his checklist. James covered how to avoid a market with either an established provider or with too many free products providing what is need. The presentation was targeted at marketers and went into good detail about out-sourcing both locally and overseas


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