Five Sales Copy Tips That Work

Are you concerned about your sales copy? Perhaps you’ve wasted your energy trying to make a quick buck without selling the experience. Compelling sales copy makes the customer see, taste, smell, and feel how good the experience will be, making it almost impossible to walk away without buying. Try these five sales copy writing tips to increase the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

1) Good sales copy appeals to the eye. First impressions count, and that especially applies to the concept of excellent sales copy, which should catch and please the eye. You’ll need to employ color, design, and images to project a professional, appealing, and well-branded product or service.

2) Use sales copy that appeals to as many of the five senses as possible. You need to write sales copy that is so descriptive that it makes your readers ache for relief if you’re selling pain killers, salivate if you’re selling ice cream, and shiver if you’re selling winter coats.

3) Win the sale by selling him the experience associated with buying your service or product. Are you selling car insurance? Describe the relief and security a satisfied customer will experience in the case of an accident. And if your service is massage therapy? Talk about how a sore back can disrupt your whole life, and then describe how amazing it feels to get relief.

4) Invest in quality, not quantity. You need to use sales copy that looks professional and not schmaltzy or cheap. Pay for good writing, high quality materials, good photos, and excellent design. Keep in mind that your sales copy may be the only thing a customer sees before judging your services and products. Don’t settle for anything that feels ‘ho hum’ or average.

5) Focus on the customer, not the sale. Don’t slap together a lame “BUY NOW” sales flyer or ad. Write about your company’s promise to deliver satisfaction, focusing on the customer experience.

If you can sell the experience, you’ll close the sale.

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  • John Williamson

    Reply Reply 4 April 2014

    Hi Tony,

    You’ve given some very useful tips in your article.
    Many people are uncomfortable with sales, but that’s usually either because they haven’t been trained properly or not done much of it. None of us like doing things we’re not much good at – so the answer is to get good at it, and then we’ll enjoy it. 😉

    Professional Selling is an honorable profession. A top sales closer is the person who ‘brings in the bread’ for the business. He or she creates the cash revenues that pay the payroll and enables your employees to support their families; pays the dividends to the shareholder or providers of capital; pays off creditors and financing – and through the accumulating profits, builds the capital value of the business. Without sales, none of this is possible, so I applaud your decision to highlight this topic.

    Warm Regards,
    John Williamson

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