BMW 5 Series

BME 525i SEThis post is rather off topic, but I just have to write up about a car I just bought.

I was walking past a car sales forecourt and I spotted this fantastic looking BMW 525iSE and I thought to myself “The ideal car for towing glider trailers!” I really love this body shape and it’s the last year they made it before they went all curvy.

This low mileage beauty comes complete all the extra goodies that you get with the SE, with immaculate alloy wheels and for gliding a factory fitted removable tow bar, dropping rear seats and automatic gearbox to easily eat up miles and miles of motorway. That means she’s going to look stunning on the road, but can still be used to throw all the flying equipment into and hitch up a trailer to go and collect the gliders after field landings.

OK the 745 v8 was incredibly quick (and I mean quick), but it really did drink fuel like it was going out of fashion and I kind of resented that when I was just cruising for miles and miles. This baby is a straight 6 and although she’s only got a 2.5 litre engine, she’s has got heaps of power just waiting to be called upon and I’m getting about almost 30 mpg from her. And let’s not forget how superb BMW engines and gearboxes are – when the lights go green and you floor it, the power just flows through that auto transmission to the back wheels and you are away and gone.

I think I’m going to have to get rid of the Mercedes because it is sooooo nice to be back in a BMW – I just love it!

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  • Jon Crimes

    Reply Reply 15 April 2014

    Hi Tony, very nice indeed.

    I haven’t owned a BMW for a few years now but the last one I had was an old 3 Series and I seriously loved it.

    The Germans certainly know how to make very good cars.



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