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Family at Dino Park

Hi – Tony Jennings here. I am married with 3 children and wow – they are growing up so very fast!

We have a pretty vibrant household with lots of cars, motorbikes, TV’s and computers. We’ve got Wii boxes, X boxes, Windows boxes, Windows servers, Sun servers, a Raspbery PI and a shed load of HP thin clients hanging around.

I am a real Nerd and I am passionate about software engineering (that is computer programming) and I love website development and Internet Marketing too.

Tony ready to flyI love to spend my spare time in the sky gliding across the beautiful countryside of England. In fact I have always been fascinated about flying, however everyone I spoke to who had a PPL have said that after a few years they let their licence expire as they only flew to maintain that licence.

Then in the spring of 1998, I took a trial flight in a glider at the Cambridge Gliding Centre and I was hooked! I took up gliding in 1998 and progressed to becoming cross-country qualified as well as being able to take passengers with me – I love it, it’s a wonderful way to fly!


Tenerife Scuba

Another thing I have always wanted to do was SCUBA diving. I have had a few goes over the years, but I have always wanted to experience the real freedom of diving wrecks and seeing the sea life.

In July 2013 just before taking my family on holiday, I qualified as a PADI Open Water Diver at Gildenburgh Water.

I have now dived the North Atlantic from Spain, in the Mediterranean from Gibraltar and again in the Atlantic off the south coast of Tenerife (with Tenerife Scuba).



I have always loved speed and I love driving powerful cars.

The best car I have owned to date is the BMW 745i which is unbelievably fast for such a big quality car! My best motorcycle was a Yamaha FJ-1200, a superb sports tourer that even my lovely wife dared to come on runs with me and the lads – and we didn’t hang about.

I’ve slowed down a bit now after being chased too many times by the boys in blue, so you’ll see me gently cruise by in my nice comfy Mercedes Turbo-diesel or my BMW 525i (these two are just worlds apart!)


I’m an outgoing person and I love chatting to people when I’m out and about. So whether it’s gliding, cars, technology, software or marketing – I can guarantee we’ll have something we can chat about over a beer!


  • Sarah Roth

    Reply Reply 30 May 2011


    I am so grateful for all the help you have given me!

    Although I love working with WordPress where I’m in complete control of my online business blog, at times problems do arise that I’m unable to fix on my own.

    I never have to worry though, because I know I can call on you to come to my rescue no matter how difficult the issue.

    Not only do you always come through for me, but you do it in a very timely manner.

    So, a hearty THANK YOU from me to you for all help!!


  • Sharon Porter

    Reply Reply 7 August 2012

    I’ve been working with Tony as a consultant for both WordPress and Thesis to fine tune a number of my blogs and also to make some more complicated revisions. Tony is by far the best consultant I have ever worked with! He really knows his stuff. He was able to help me do everything I needed, and also guided me on things I needed that I didn’t even know I needed, including issues beyond just putting a website together. I know Tony truly is looking out for my best interest, and it is invaluable to me to know that I have someone on my speed-dial who is ready, willing and able to help. As for fees, I really feel Tony should be charging more since he is so fast and efficient, but don’t tell him I said so 😉
    All joking aside, Tony provides a very high level of service for a very reasonable fee, and he is very considerate about the time he actually charges for…making sure it is of value. Finally, Tony is totally fun to work with! While he gets right to business he still manages to keep the whole process fun and enjoyable…a very cool cat. Now that is the kind of consultant I like!

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